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Haryana Vidhan Sabha Speaker formally launches the newly formed Panchkula Vision Society

*Comprising of senior most officers and eminent citizens, the society works with the sole objective to develop Panchkula as smart and vibrant city that meets the aspirations of good quality of life of all sections- Sh Gupta*

*The society identifies five key thrust areas to make Panchkula a delightful and prosperous city*

*The Logo of Panchkula to give a distinct identify to the city- Vidhan Sabha Speaker*

Panchkula May 3: Haryana Vidhan Sabha Speaker, Sh Gian Chand Gupta today formally launched the newly formed Panchkula Vision Society at PWD Rest House, in Sector-1 here today. The society will work with the sole objective to develop Panchkula as a smart and vibrant city that meets the aspirations of good quality of life of all sections of its residents and help it unleash its potential as a major hub of North India.

The Deputy Commissioner, Dr Priyanka Soni, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Sh Sumer Pratap Singh and Sh Vivek Atray, IAS (Retd.) were also present on this occasion.

While Haryana Vidhan Sabha Speaker and MLA Panchkula, Sh Gian Chand Gupta is the Chief Patron of the Panchkula Vision Society, Deputy Commissioner, Dr Priyanka Soni is the ex-officio President. The Governing Body includes eminent citizens namely Lt-Gen K. J. Singh (Retd), Former Army Commander Western Command and Sh. Vivek Atray IAS (Retd.), former Deputy Commissioner, Panchkula.

Addressing a press conference on this occasion, Sh Gupta said that Panchkula Advisory Committee was constituted about three years ago for reviving the beautification as well as development works in the town. Now taking a step ahead, on the suggestion of the Sub Committee of the Advisory Committee composed of senior most officers and eminent citizens, a Panchkula Vision Society has been formed to chalk out different strategies to give Panchkula a distinct identity in the country. He said that the Panchkula Vision Society would broadly focus on thrust areas like Youth and Elderly, Music and Culture, Garden Tourism, Sports and Wellness and Innovation and Start-Ups.

Sh Gupta said that with a view to making Panchkula more clean, green and beautiful, he has given seven concerns. These include making Panchkula plastic, drugs, pollution, stray cattle, stray dogs, encroachment and slum free. These concerns are not only his concerns but of every citizen of Panchkula, said Sh Gupta adding that people should come forward and give their wholehearted support and cooperation to make Panchkula a vibrant city as no campaign or programme can be successfully implemented without the active involvement of people.

Sh Gupta also suggested that like Chandigarh, Panchkula should also have a logo which could give a distinct identity to Panchkula. He said that assistance from architects, students and other creative people should be taken to design a unique logo for Panchkula.

While rolling out the details of preliminary recommendations of Panchkula Vision Society, Sh Vivek Atray, IAS (Retd.) said that the society has identified five key thrust areas to make Panchkula a delightful and prosperous city. He said that the society would work to develop Youth and Elderly Hub, Music and Culture Hub, Garden Tourism Hub, Sports and Wellness Hub and Innovation and Start Up Hub.

*Youth and Elderly Hub*

Sh Vivek Atray said that the young population of Panchkula and surrounding areas is talented, multifaceted and eager to learn. All that the youth need is an environment of guidance, support and encouragement. Panchkula can take the lead in planning training programmes at a mass level for soft skills, personality development and skill development of the youth on a continual and sustained basis through a structured approach. The elderly population of Panchkula is also quite large in number and all elderly persons deserve respect, care and protection. Panchkula can prove to be a role model for the rest of the country in the manner in which it looks after its older population. Priority to the elderly in government service delivery, counselling ib legal, financial and personal matters along with constructive utilisation of the skill sets and experience of the elderly are some of the ways in which Panchkula can take the lead in this important area.

* Music and Culture Hub*

He said that Panchkula is situated at the junction of Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh. The music and culture of these States is lively and rich. It is apt for Panchkula to become a focal point for numerous musical and cultural festivals throughout the year. These events can focus on the folk music, dance, art, food, apparel and customs of the people of this region. Special events can also be organized around Baisakhi and Teej along with other important festivals. Academies can also be established to train the youth in various arts.

*Garden Tourism Hub*

He said that Panchkula is blessed to be dotted and surrounded by beautiful green spaces which are a perennial delight for visitors and residents alike. Pinjore Garden and the Cactus Garden are world famous gardens of unique character. Green spaces developed by the State Government in Panchkula are well laid out and reasonably well maintained. New projects have also been envisioned and are being developed. Panchkula can thus become known for its gardens and it can attract a large number of tourists to the city who will also add to the economic activity here with their purchasing power. Greater employment opportunities will also be generated. Panchkula needs to be promoted appropriately online and offline in order to become known as a hub for Garden Tourism.

*Sports and Wellness Hub*

Sh Atray said that Panchkula has already taken rapid strides towards becoming a sports hub with excellent infrastructure and facilities at the Tau Devi Lal Sports Complex. More such facilities are being planned for specific sports at other locations in the district. Regular tournaments in which the youth of Panchkula and surrounding areas participate are required to be organized all year round. Rural youth should especially be given opportunities to take part in “catch them young” coaching programmes from a young age. A culture of sports needs to be developed here with all age groups and all segments of society participating in sports events. Wellness is also an important area to focus upon with yoga, meditation and allround fitness of body, mind and soul being the priority. Greater awareness of healthy lifestyle habits and the creation of wellness hubs in the district would enable residents as well as visitors to benefit immensely. Wellness enhancement events can also be organized regularly and a wave of wellness can be created which can have a long lasting laudable impact on the future of the people of the city and the region.

*Innovation and Start Up Hub*

He said that with an excellent quality of life and well planned infrastructure as well as a clean, green, framework, Panchkula can attract the right kind of companies to generate employment and economic activity which would hugely benefit the young populace. While the Panchkula IT Park needs to be further developed and expanded, smaller incubation facilities can be established in the district. A culture of innovation can be promoted amongst young students in all schools and colleges. Start up ideas can be encouraged and regular pitching competitions can be organized in conjunction with angel investors as well as the Government. All schemes of the Government of India which promote such innovation should be implemented here. Outstanding young achievers should be recognized and incentivized in this area. The endeavour should be to see that the youth of Panchkula and the region finds high end employment here as far as possible.

Among those present on this occasion included General Secretary of Panchkula Vision Society Sh DP Singhal, Finance Secretary Sh DP Soni and members namely  Sh Krit Sarai, Col D.S Cheema (Retd.), Sunaini Sharma , Rajesh Trehan, Rajan Chopra and  Renu Khanna.