MCC Constitutes flood control team during raining season

MCC Constitutes flood control team during raining season

Chandigarh, June 21:- Keeping in view of the coming monsoon season, Ms. Anindita Mitra, IAS, Commissioner, Municipal Corporation Chandigarh stated that MCC has already cleaned 95% of all the road gullies in the city. Also, 18 teams to control flood/water logging throughout city have been constituted. 

            The Commissioner constituted total 18 teams comprising of one SDE and JEs to remain active in field during rainy season. Two Control Centre at Water Filling Station Sector 15, Chandigarh with telephone number: 0172-2540200 and 2nd in Manimajra (Water Works-II, MHC) with telephone no. 0172-2738082 have also been made operational round the clock in three shifts along with telephone attendants where residents can lodge the complaints of water logging during rain.

The teams constituted for the purpose are as under:-

Sr. No.Name & Designation of Team    in-charge alongwith Mobile No.Area Entrusted
1.Sh. Harminder Singh SDE  (9872511241)Sh. Parminder Singh, JE  (9878014026)Sh. Parveen Attri, JE  (8437818698)Sector 1 to 7Village Kaimbala, Khuda Ali Sher
2.Sh. Harminder Singh, SDE (9872511241)Sh. Dheeraj Kumar, JE (9501029278)Sector 8 to 12
3.Sh. Gurcharan Singh, SDE (9872511356)Sh. Anurag Yadav, JE (7007271864)Sh. Sourav Thakur, J.E.( 7009125511) Dadumajra Colony & village Dhanas Sector 40,41,42, Attawa, Badhari, Butrela (along with whole are of Sub Division No.13), Sarangpur
4.Sh. Joginder Kumar SDE  (9872511350)Sh. Simrandeep Singh, JE (9872511150)Sh. Saravjit Singh, JE (8872411211)Sector 14 to 16, Khuda Lahora Colony, along with whole area of Sub Division No.18)
5.Sh. Gaurav Pal, SDE (9872511339)Sh. Mohit Kumar JE (9671365705)Sh. Jatinder Walia, JE (8171865824)Mauli Jagran, Vikas Nagar, Raipur Kalan and Dariya along with whole area of Sub Division
6.Sh. Prabhdeep Singh, SDE(9872511320)Sh. Ajay Malik, JE (9872511322)Sh. Gaurav Kamboj, JE (9877774570)Sector 21,22,23,24
7.Sh. Prabhdeep Singh, SDE (9872511320)Sh. Bhupinder Siingh, JE (9872511257)Sector 27, 28, Industrial Area Phase I & II, Colony No.4
8.Sh. Joginder Kumar, SDE (9872511350)Sh. Anwar Rahi, JE (8968111228)Sector 43,44,45, Burail, Sector 52 to 61, 63, Kajheri, Palsora
9.Sh. Rajbir Singh, SDE (9872511352)Sh. Amit Jangra, J.E (9999948405) Indira Colony, Subhash Nagar, Kishangarh modern Housing Complex, NAC Manimajra along with whole area of Sub Division No.20
10.Sh. Yashpal Kumar, SDE (9872511351)Sh. Kulwinder Kumar, JE (9988165533) Ramdarbar, Hallomajra, Village Behlana, Makhan Majra, Raipur Khurd
11.Sh. Harminder Singh, SDE(9872511241)Sh. Dheeraj Kumar JE (9501029278)Sh. Sarabjit Singh, JE (8872411211)Sector 25, Dhanas, Colony, Milk Colony, Aman Chaman Colony, Ambedkar Colony, H.B. Colony
12.Sh. Yash Pal Sharma, SDE (9872511351)Sh. Ajay Bhardwaj, JE (9501035370)Sector 46, 47, 48
13.Sh. Prabhdeep, SDE (9872511320)Sh. Ashutosh, J.E.( 7589367917)Sector 49, 50, 51
14.Sh. Yashpal Gupta, SDE (9872511249)Sh. Vinod Kumar, JE (9872511349)Sector 17, 18, 19
15.Sh. Prabhdeep Singh, SDE (9872511320)Sh. Bhupinder Singh, JE (9872511257)Sh. Charanjeet Singh, JE (9915711419)Sector 20, 29, 30 (along with whole area of Sub Division No.12), Sector 26, Bapudham, Transport Area
16Sh. Prabhdeep, SDE (9872511320)Sh. Gaurav Kamboj, JE (9877774570)Sh. Ashok Kataria, JE (8814884161)Sector  31 to 34
17.Sh. Lalit Kumar, SDE (9872511248)Sh. Parag Ravish, JE (9812793309)Sector 35, 36, 37, 38
18.Sh. Nirmal Singh, SDE (9872511233)Sh. Sunil Kumar, JE  (7094605047)Sector 39,40, Maloya Village & Colony

All team leaders will arrange required labour for removal of blockage in storm water drainage during the period of rain in other than dry day time from the concerned Executive Engineers and team will also work under the supervision of divisional officers.  Sub Divisional Engineers of Road Wing of concerned area and MOH Wing will also move in their areas the sufficient labour to get any blockage removed at any point of Road due to depression/grass on berms or any other reason in the areas under their jurisdiction respectively.

            The overall in charge will be Executive Engineer, Public Health Division No.4, Chandigarh. The teams will be operative w.e.f. 01.07.2023 to 30.09.2023.