The Credit Facility Agreement (CFA), the major milestone of 24×7 Water Supply Project signed


 The Credit Facility Agreement (CFA), the major milestone of 24×7 Water Supply Project has been signed between Department of Economic Affairs and AFD (Agence Francaise De Developpment) at New Delhi.

​​“The key objective behind the project is to save ground water of Chandigarh, which is depleting at a rapid pace, thus becoming a major cause of worry for the authorities.  The ground water situation, which is monitored from time to time is not good, especially in the southern region of the city”, said by Ms. Anindita Mitra, IAS, Chief Executive Officer, Chandigarh Smart City Limited, Chandigarh. 

​​The officers of the Central Ground Water Board and MCC keep holding meetings to assess the situation.  When 24×7 Water Project comes to life, the city will have sufficient water supply atleast by 2050, with consumers getting water supply round the clock without any interruption.

​​“The project will be monitored through Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System.  Employees will keep an eye 24×7 Water Supply complete network. It will not only monitor the Water supply in the different areas of the City, but also keep check over the sorbate of Water Meters or any other Criminal or Mischievious Act, as far as Water supply in the city concerned”, said by Ms. Mitra.

​​The house service water connection will be laid down by the MC instead of current system, where residents themselves do the job of laying the pipeline inside their houses.  The move will stop water contamination because it will be a joint less water pipe.

​​Conventional mode of pumping will be replaced with an energy efficient one, helping save water.  Pumping will be done as per demand in an automatic system.

The project is now in the initial implementation phase, the EOI of LTTA is already floated and 17 Bidders has participated in tender.

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