3 Psychological tricks to read someone’s mind; how to read people’s mind using psychology

 NIO Desk,

When we meet someone and when we talk to them, it happens many times that we do not understand whether the other person in front of us is telling the us the truth to you or are they hiding something?

Let’s take a look at 4 simple psychological tricks that will help you read someone’s mind easily.

Whether we smile, laugh or  cry, we give body language signs and project ourselves in such a way that it becomes easy for other person to understand us. When we meet many people, we talk, but still many times we do not know this that they are hiding something, which can be easily understood by knowing these simple psychological tricks.

Can you imagine what the person you are talking to is thinking or is he talking to you?

Pay attention to their looks and dressing sense

If you want to know that person or person is thinking or the mood they are in, pay attention to their looks and clothes.

When meeting someone you would want to know what they are wearing. Many people don’t pay attention to clothes. You should see how the person with whom you met dresses.

If the person has come in formal clothes then it is possible that They want to talk to you about something formal and business  related. They will most likely to dominate the conversation if they wear blue.

He talks to you on some serious subject then you have to be prepared in the same way. At the same time, if the person is wearing casuals normal attire, it’s a casual conversation which could most likely result in something fun.

If they mirror your body language

 If people mirror your style and body language, it is most likely that will surely offer a proposal in your favor. That means they like the way you present yourself  and your personality. It very much means that they will present themselves in such a way that you like them too.

If you try to match the body language with them then it means you like them. If you’re meeting someone and that person standing or sitting with a slight lean towards you, it means that he is liking your company. At the same time, if a person is standing or sitting leaning in the opposite direction from you, so it means that he doesn’t like your company much.

Their eyes say a lot

 When you talk to someone, have a look at their eyes, if they like your company they will not hesitate to look in your eyes and hold it for at least 5 seconds. If the person talking to you looks you in the eyes and talks to you then it means they are open with you and if person is not doing it then it is not possible that they are hiding something from you or are lying.

They may be ashamed to talk to you. If you talk to someone and during the conversation, the person is talking to you with looking in your eyes and is smiling lightly at the same time, it means that the person who is talking to you likes to talk to you.

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