Chandigarh’s Sukhna Lake water levels reach close to danger mark

Chandigarh, July 11

Until the end of June, the city was witnessing scorching heat and rise in temperature. But after the monsoon arrived, it brought relief for the city residents.

While the much awaited monsoon is being enjoyed by the city, but on the other hand, Sukhna water levels are reaching closer to the danger levels.

When in 2016, the water levels of Sukhna was reaching very low due to rise in temperature in summer, in 2022 it has again reaching close to high water level. The similar incident was witnessed in 2020, when there was need to open flood gates after the water level crossed danger level.

In 2020, The officials of the engineering wing of the UT administration confirmed the opening of the gates after the water levels touched the danger mark, reaching just 0.40 feet above the mark of 1163.00 feet.

Two years ago, after that, both the gates of the dam had to be opened up to nine inches. Sources said that due to opening up of the gate, movement completely halted as the water overflowed the bridges near Kishangarh and Bapudham Sector 26.

 But now in 2022, again the water levels of Sukhna is reaching close to danger level. After Chandigarh received good rainfall in the first week of monsoon, the Sukhna water level increased.

Now the level of lake has reached near danger mark and there might be need to open floodgates again.

After rain on Sunday, the water level of Sukhna reached 1161.5 feet. 1163 feet is considered danger mark for Sukhna water level.

The team of officials are keeping close view on the Sukhna water level and it is being monitored 24 hours. The administration has also sent the information to Panchkula and Mohali administration.

The first week of July witnessed heavy rainfall and due to that around 300 mm rainfall has been recorded. It is due to this that the lake water levels raised.

As there is heavy rainfall in the Shivalik regions as well, it is due to this reason that the fallen branches, soil has made lake water muddy.

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