Demolition of fresh un-authorized Constructions/Alterations and Encroachments on Public Land

Chandigarh, June 17

The Chandigarh Housing Board demolished encroachment on public land and fresh un-authorized constructions in 04 dwelling units at Ramdarbar today.

In 03 cases there were encroachment on public land while in 01 case an additional storey was constructed. CHB is computing cost of demolitions which will be recovered from the allottees and in case of its non-payment their allotments are liable to be cancelled.

To ensure effective actions against fresh illegal/un-authorized constructions, the CHB is adopting ZERO tolerance policy. Here following aspects are made clear:

a) The Enforcement Squad of the Chandigarh Housing Board is making daily inspections in all the sectors to identify fresh violations/alternations and effective actions are taken in each of such case.

b) On the spot challans are being issued by the Enforcement Squad with the direction to immediately stop further construction and remove the same. After issuance of challans, repeated inspections are carried out to see whether the further constructions have been stopped. Photographs of the fresh constructions are also being taken. 

c) If further constructions are stopped and the allottee start removing the violations, then the CHB wait for three days before taking up the demolition work.

d) However, if the further constructions are not stopped, then the demolition may be carried out immediately without waiting even for a single day.

e) In case of demolitions by the CHB either immediately or after three days, all the cost of demolition will be recovered from the allottee. 

f) Though required pre-cautions are taken during the demolition but there is possibility that adjoining structures may get damaged and in such event the alloteee will be responsible for such extra damage to own or adjoining units.

3. All the allottees who have been issued Challans/demolition notices against the fresh constructions are requested to remove these violations immediately to avoid demolition by the Chandigarh Housing Board. 

5. All the allotttess are again requested not to undertake any fresh building violations otherwise the same is liable to be demolished on their risk and cost, said the officials. Since these violations may lead to structure safety issues not only for the dwelling units but also for the particular unit and also for the adjoining unit also, the CHB is adopting zero tolerance policy.