Haryana Chief Secretary holds an important meeting with Ambassadors of India to 7 countries

Chandigarh, October 18 –

 In a bid to woo foreign investment and explore the possibilities of mutual cooperation with foreign countries in various fields, Haryana Chief Secretary, Sh. Sanjeev Kaushal held an important meeting with the Ambassadors of India to 7 countries held here today.

Sh. Kaushal apprised the ambassadors about Haryana’s Gross Domestic Product, revenue collection, agriculture and food processing industries, investment-friendly policies, skill development and logistics facilities etc. Impressed by the holistic approach of Haryana, the ambassadors showed investment interest in various areas including agriculture and food processing in Haryana.

Sh. Pradip Kumar Yadav, Ambassador of India to Liberia, Sh. Ram Karan Verma, Ambassador of India to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sh. Pradeep Kumar Rawat, Ambassador of India to China, Dr. Neena Malhotra, Ambassador of India to Italy, Sh. Yogeshwar Sangwan, Ambassador of India to Paraguay, Ms. Pooja Kapur, Ambassador of India to Denmark and Sh. Ashok Kumar, High Commissioner of India to Zambia attended the meeting.

In terms of logistics facilities, Haryana is second in the country and first in North India

Sh. Kaushal apprised the Ambassadors that in terms of logistics facilities, Haryana is second in the country and first in North India. The offices of 400 Fortune companies of the world are set up in Gurugram. Despite only 1.34 percent of the country’s total geographical area and 2.09 percent population, Haryana contributes 4 percent to the country’s GDP.

“Since the year 2019, an investment of USD 5.22 billion has come in Haryana. Under the able leadership of Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal, Haryana has through e-governance taken several initiatives which have brought transparency in ensuring the benefits of citizen-centric schemes,” Sh. Kaushal.

New Electric Vehicle (EV) policy formulated to develop as an electric vehicle hub

The Chief Secretary said that today Haryana is a leading state in the field of Automotive, IT, ITES and ESDM, Textiles and Apparel, Agriculture and Food Processing, Logistics and Warehousing. He said that the state government has formulated a new Electric Vehicle (EV) policy to develop Haryana as an electric vehicle hub.

Along with the Centre, other states are also studying the schemes implemented by Haryana

The Chief Secretary said that while realizing the need for water conservation the State Government has implemented Mera Pani- Meri Virasat Yojana. Water conservation is one of the top priorities of the Manohar Lal-led government. Besides this, crop diversification is also being promoted in the state and farmers are also being made aware to adopt crop diversification. Various incentives are also being given for this. Several policies formulated by the Haryana government have not only received appreciation at the Centre, but other states are also studying the schemes run by Haryana, added Sh. Sanjeev Kaushal.