Chandigarh, June 21

Translation of literary works bridge gulf between countries, cultures and civilisations. It is a basic need for global development of humanity as a whole. So said prof. (Retd) Mohd Zaman Azurda, formerly head of Urdu Department of the J&K University.

         In this special Lecture On the “IMPORTANCE OF TRANSLATIONS”, organized in the Urdu Department Panjab University, Chandigarh here last evening, Prof. Zaman Said that these translations carried the salient features of one civilisation to the civilisation of other nations paving way for cultural-Literary renaissance in many parts of the world.

                 Speaking on the occasion Prof. Pankaj Malvia from the Russian Language Department said that through knowledge of both the languages was essential for a translator for picking up proper and appropriate words for which sometimes he has to make extra-ordinary efforts including a visit to that country as well. “Translations introduce readers to a new culture and opens doors of a new nation or may be a new world,” he added.

In his opening remarks Dr. Ali Abbas, Chairperson of the Urdu Department (PU) said that our present-day generation had been richly benefitted by the availability of translated works of classic literature in various Indian languages. “Almost all the universities in our country are offering translation related courses to encourage and promote the art of translation,” he added.