In view of the VVIP programme to be held on 4.11.2022 at Parade Ground  Sector 17, Chandigarh, the following traffic restrictions/diversions shall be imposed on 4.11.2022:- 


1. The following road stretches around Parade Ground, Sector 17 shall remain  closed from 06:30 AM to 12:30 PM on 04.11.2022:- 

a. To and from roundabout of Sector 16/17/22/23 up to Gurdial Singh Petrol  Pump, Sector 22-A on Udyog Path. 

b. Road in front of Urban Park up to Hotel Shivalik View on the backside of  Parade Ground, Sector 17.  

c. From Light Point opposite MC Office Sector 17 up to Parade Ground. 

2. No general parking shall be allowed in the parking areas in front of  RLA/Chandigarh, MCC Building, Sector 17, Backside of Showrooms opposite MC  office, Kachi Parking adjoining Hotel Shivalik View and Parking between Parade  Ground and ISBT-17. Chandigarh.  

3. Buses coming towards ISBT Sector 17 shall be diverted towards ISBT Chowk  Sector 17 from Kissan Bhawan Chowk and Piccadilly Chowk via Himalaya Marg  & shall reach ISBT Sector 17 from Small Chowk (near Gurdial Singh Petrol  Pump).  

4. Special invitees and media persons having authorized Car Parking Labels are  requested to approach in parking in front of Urban park, backside of ISBT-17  and parking between Parade Ground and ISBT-17 from the Sector-17/18 light  point and Backside of ISBT, Sector-17 and park their vehicles in the authorized  parking area. 

Note: Road users are, advised to use alternative routes during the timings  given above. Inconvenience caused to the general public on account of these  restrictions is regretted. General public is requested to cooperate with police. Issued by Traffic Police.