Mandatory Training Programme on Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for Highway Projects for the Personnel of Consultants


Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Shri Nitin Gadkari has given great emphasis on development of road infrastructure especially National Highways in the country. He has emphasized time and again that Capacity building both in government and private sector is imperative for sustainable development of road infrastructure for which instructions have been issued from time to time by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH).

 MoRTH in January, 2022 had addressed the matter of capacity building process of technical professionals of Consultants, Contractors, Independent Engineers (IEs) and Authority Engineers (AEs). In order to ensure the capacity building and improvement in quality of work done by personnel of Consultants, Contractors, IEs and AES in highways construction, the technical knowledge of personnel employed with private firms needs to be regularly updated. However, capacity building / upgradation in private sector is generally not given much importance. As such, to enrich personnel from private sector MoRTH in Aug 2022 has decided that the personnel engaged by consultancy firms for preparation of DPRs have to undergo a mandatory training course on “Preparation of Feasibility Study and DPR for Highway Projects” conducted by Indian Academy of Highway Engineers (IAHE).

IAHE has successfully conducted the First Training Program for the personnel of consultant from 5th to 10th September 2022 at IAHE campus in NOIDA in which the following major aspects of preparation of DPRs were covered:

Overview of DPR Preparation

Hydrological investigations and studies

Traffic studies, traffic demand estimation and realistic forecasting

Geometrical design of highways

Pavement condition survey, material survey and geotechnical survey

Modern topography survey and data collection

General guidelines for bridge design

Design of flexible pavement

Design of rigid pavement

Preconstruction activities and clearances

Environmental and social studies and project clearances

Road safety engineers and other measures

New technology and materials for highways

Project costing, economic and financial analysis

Gati Shakti Integrated Master Plan

The DPR consultants will have to demonstrate the training undertaken by its key personnel in their Curriculum Vitae (CV) as part of their technical qualifications. The course has been designed to cover all the technical and non-technical aspects involved in the preparation of DPRs. In the training program various challenges and issues of concerns such as competency and extent of involvement of key personnel, finalization of alignment, accuracy of survey data and design, proper preparation of the schedules, preconstruction activities and various statuary clearances would be deliberated. The training would also focus on use of new / alternate material & technology and use of PM Gati Shakti Integrated Master Plan for deciding the alignment etc. The program is aimed to improve the overall quality of DPRs in development of Highways so that safe, quality resilient and sustainable highways are created.