NASA Rover finds mysterious ‘pasta-like’ object on Mars, netizens give humorous reactions

NIO Desk, July 28

Do aliens eat pasta? Questions like these came to the minds of many netizens as a new picture of a mysterious object on Mars.

 A tangled object found by NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover has made space observers curious, leading some to quip that Italian food would be of high quality on the Red Planet.

But the explanation that also came along with the picture also looks more acceptable which said: it might be some remnants of robotic explorer while landing on Mars in 2021.

The front left hazard avoidance camera of the rover first detected the bundle of debris on July 12. However, when Perseverance visited the same location four days later, it was no longer there.

It was said that a piece that may have come from the rocket-powered landing system that was spotted last month, it was probably carried away by the wind.

The unidentified mystery object baffled many on social media. Some wondered if it was a component of the rover’s machinery, while others made light of it by saying it was like pasta.

“In a hundred years or so Martians will be eagerly collecting up all this stuff and either putting it on display in museums or making it into ‘historical jewelry, One day this tangle of fibres will probably be wrapped around the pale wrist of a young martian, worn as a friendship bracelet.'” Tweeted Martian amateur astronomer Stuart Atkinson.

Photo tweeted by @ latestinspace

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