Research and Development for traditional system of medicines

Delhi, July 23

The Government of India has signed 25 Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) for country to country cooperation in the field of medicine Nepal, Bangladesh, Hungary, Trinidad & Tobago, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Myanmar, World Health Organization,   Germany, Iran, Sao Tome & Príncipe, Equatorial Guinea, Cuba, Colombia, Japan, Bolivia, Gambia, Republic of Guinea, China, St Vincent and The Grenadines, Suriname, Brazil and Zimbabwe. 37 MoUs for undertaking collaborative research and development of Traditional Medicine has been signed with foreign Institutes/Universities/Organizations from USA, Germany, UK, Canada, Malaysia, Brazil, Australia, Austria, Tajikistan, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Japan, Indonesia, Reunion Island, Korea and Hungary etc.. 15 MoUs have been signed for setting up of Ayush Academic Chairs in foreign Institutes/Universities from Hungary, Latvia, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Russia, West-Indies, Thailand, Indonesia, Slovenia, Armenia, Argentina, Malaysia, South Africa, Australia and Mexico.

The constituent laboratory of Council of Scientific & Industrial Research namely Institute of Himalayan Bio-resource Technology (CSIR-IHBT), Palampur has signed an MoU with National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan, to collaborate in the areas of mutual interest which included medicinal plants, bioactive molecules, herbal formulations etc.

CSIR and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have signed an MoU to identify the opportunities for scientific and technological research between researchers located within and outside of India, including collaborations with foundation-funded entities in the areas including but not limited to traditional medicine (AYUSH)-guided by specific applications to disease/ health priorities.

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