Two baby elephants sneak out to play together, win heart of netizens in viral video

NIO Desk, July 21

Caption- Video from Twitter

Watching animals playing with each other and performing activities that show that they are having fun in their natural habitat becomes a treat for all wildlife enthusiasts.

With a new video that has being going viral, netizens now have a new item to add in their list of favorite viral videos.

Two baby elephants are seen playing together in a video as their parents search for food.

The video was shared by which was shared on Twitter by IAS officer Supriya Sahu. The video has received over 38k views and is too cute to ignore.

In the video, a group of elephants can be seen looking for food in the now-viral video. The elephant kids were playing with each other in the middle of the road while the group of elephants was grazing. Their innocence of the animals and carefree attitude and will make you smile.

“While their mighty parents are busy foraging, two kutty (baby) elephants have sneaked out to play,” reads the caption of the post.

The netizens found the video very adorable and shared their reactions in the comments section.

“Jumbo in a jolly mood,” a user wrote.

“They both skipped the class when traffic rules were explained”, another user commented.

Another user commented, “Cutest little babies. Love them”

Some users commented, “Made my day”

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