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Viral Video: Cat fails to find rat that hid under it instead of running away, gains funny reactions

NIO Desk, Aug 3

How do you usually deal with things that scare you? Most people will run away from what scares them and probably never think of going closer to that thing.

The case is exactly opposite with this rat in a now viral video. In the video, a rat is seen being chased by a black cat and instead of running away from the cat, the rat uses its mind and hides under the cat.

Surprisingly, the cat cannot find the rat under itself and is bewildered by the act of the rat.

The video was shared by a user Fred Schultz on Twitter and has gained around 5 lakh views since it was shared. The user captioned it, “Wait, what the?! Where did it go?!” The video has gained funny and surprised reactions from the internet users.

In the video, a cat is chasing a rat as it usually does and the video has the subtitles that say, “Rat: the most dangerous place is the safest.”

We guess the video will tickle your funny bone as the netizens are quite impressed by the bravery of the rat.

Some users commented, “This is something straight out of Tom and Jerry.”

While another user commented, “Literally me looking for my phone when it is in my hand.”

Photo from Twitter/@ FredSchultz35

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