WhatsApp releases a new feature in July, 2022;  Read all about responding with any emoji feature

NIO Desk, July 12

Users of WhatsApp will be able to respond to a message with any emoji.  Thanks to the app’s expanded support for the emoji reaction feature. There were only six emojis available, including the thumbs up, the heart, the crying with laughter face, the suprised face, the sad sobbing face, and the thank you emoji symbol.

A “Plus symbol” will appear next to the list of the six pre-selected emoji reactions in WhatsApp following the upgrade. Users can select their preferred emoji by pressing the + symbol. By long-pressing any message, which should reveal a little menu on the side, you can reply to any message with an Emoji.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg also posted on his Facebook and Instagram accounts about the update. “We’re rolling out the ability to use any emoji as a reaction on WhatsApp,” he wrote.

When the upgrade will be accessible to WhatsApp users is unclear. We are not currently able to respond to a message with any emojis, except the default.

This is clearly a very minor improvement to what is still a very new feature, but we can make a guess that many of you will find it to be quite useful. Rest assured that the functionality is finally on the way, even though it may take a few days to reach all Android and iOS devices now using WhatsApp.

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