Chandigarh, 11 October 2023: Bringing together an exclusive gathering of the city’s elite, business leaders, and visionaries, the CII IWN Chandigarh Tricity Chapter held a thought-provoking session on “The Unfinished Agenda” with the captivating theme, “Empowering Dominant Women in 2023 and Beyond” at the CII NR Headquarters.

Meenakshi Dawer Bhojwani (RJ Meenakshi), a renowned radio personality and one of the session’s panellists, emphasized the need for women to assert themselves and express their opinions at the right time, underscoring the importance of assertiveness in conquering challenges in today’s highly competitive landscape.

She noted that the term ‘dominant’ can sometimes carry harsh connotations when applied to women, but she also emphasized that the dynamics have shifted significantly over time. This transformation, she opined, isn’t about dominance, but rather about articulating their viewpoints and contributions assertively to thrive and succeed in the ever-evolving corporate world.

Ms Nagina Bains, Immediate Past Chairwoman, IWN Chandigarh Tricity Chapter, was also present as a panellist. She delved into the intricacies of challenges that extend beyond gender boundaries, encompassing both women and men in today’s dynamic and competitive world. Her insights underscored the pressing need to address these challenges to advance the cause of genuine gender equality.

The event showcased a panel of esteemed luminaries, including Mr Vikram Hans, Past Chairman, CII Chandigarh UT, Dr Ruby Ahuja, Chairperson, IWN Chandigarh Tricity Chapter, and Mr Arvind Sehdev, Co-Chair, Yi Chandigarh Chapter, among others who discussed critical issues and highlighted the path forward in the journey to empower dominant women in 2023 and beyond. The panel discussions were led by prominent figures who shared their insights and wisdom on empowering women in today’s rapidly evolving world. The event was also graced by the first chairwoman of the IWN Chandigarh Chapter, Ms Reetinder Mohan.