Workshop on “Viksit Bharat – Reaching the Last Mile” by Chandigarh Smart City Limited

Chandigarh, November 2nd, 2022:

Chandigarh Smart City Limited organized a Workshop on the theme of “Viksit Bharat – Reaching the Last Mile” today at Hotel Mount View, Sector 10, Chandigarh to discuss futuristic technologies and interventions towards this goal.

Sh. Dharam Pal IAS, Adviser to Administrator, U.T., Chandigarh, the Chief Guest of the event while addressing the participants said that “Key objective of building a New Nation “Viksit Bharat – Reaching the Last Mile” the conference of Chief Secretaries is planned in the beginning of year 2023 and the Government of India has taken an initiative i.e., a collective effort of State’s and UTs to create a platform for the brain storming workshop sessions to deliberate comprehensively on the issues relevant for the establish the foundation of Viksit Bharat “A Fully Developed India”. This workshop is to address those issues, specific action points, collation of good practices and innovative solution and success stories that help the novel idea of India being a Developed Country.”

 “We are glad that the Government has chosen us as one the torch bearer in Nation Building and trusted us for the responsibility to pave the way to “Viksit Bharat – Reaching the Last Mile” and I wish all the best to all the intellectual panellist who came forward to share their knowledge and ideas for the vision of “Viksit Bharat” and expecting that real value edition to the Government initiative will be done by Chandigarh.” said by the Guest of Honour Sh. Nitin Kumar Yadav IAS, Home Secretary, U.T., Chandigarh  during the workshop. 

“Chandigarh got the opportunity to conduct the workshop on “growth and job creation possibilities in Urban Infra and Transport along with Roads and Logistics via Infrastructure and Investment initiatives”.”, said by Ms. Anindita Mitra IAS, Chief Executive Officer, Chandigarh Smart City Limited. 

The panelists pool talked about the need to adopt the emerging techniques in construction saves both time and money also is eco-friendly. Furthermore, techniques for surveying were elaborated upon by the panelist. Regarding, how low carbon construction and the idea of prefabricated technology in housing can be seen and explored was briefed by the panelists. The major bone in the construction sector i.e., Heritage factor, in The City Beautiful was elaborated upon and how this topic can be taken up balancing with the future development both within the city and nationwide was discussed. The development, which is tourism oriented is in need of a home to grow local economy, generate jobs and boost tourism. The development in logistics sector was also taken up as a part of discussion in order to how come up with an improvement in supply chain management, lessen the infrastructure gaps lying within both by adoption of technology and transition to other market segments.

There was a dedicated segment on Urban Transport in the conference where panelist from various field talked about upcoming trends and solutions to the problems in the city wide areas. Important topics like Green Transport, Artificial Intelligence, Road safety and smart parking were discussed. Panelists talked about importance of including technology in city transport to to have holistic monitoring and management. Making roads more safer and vibrant was also discussed in the conference. Panelists appreciated the measures taken by the administration in making the travel easier in the city. 

The ultimate goal of Govt. of India is dedicated to achieve sustainable urban development.  This workshop addressed the key challenges faced by Indian cities in Urban Infrastructure, Urban Transport and Roads and Logistics and a platform to discuss the transversal aspects of various issues relevant for the specific area assigned to the group and prepare a report covering the issues, strategies to address those issues, specific action points, collation of good practices and innovative solutions and success stories towards Growth & Job Creation in the Urban Infrastructure sector for building environment friendly and sustainable cities.