Zodiac signs that hide secrets the most  

NIO Desk, July 23

Zodiac signs that hide secrets the most

These zodiac signs always hide secrets and have the highest amount of secrets in a relationship. This makes them come out as a little strong in front of their lover. But they are actually very strong inside and out.

It is common for people in relationships to fight and later say sorry to each other. Sometimes they keep a secret to protect their relationships, but what keeps them hiding the stuff in these zodiac signs that hide most secrets is their ability to keep them.

These zodiac signs always know what to do and how to do it, that makes them very clever.

They can keep a secret! And they can keep the secret of their best friends too, till grave.


Horoscope today Aries

Nobody is better at keeping secrets than a Aries. Therefore, you should get in touch with this zodiac sign if you need to vent and share some inside information. Aries signs tend to be secretive, which is probably why they do a good job of protecting your information that you want to hide. However they can hide their own secrets well too.

 People born under this zodiac sign tend to be patient listeners and may be able to assist you in finding solutions as well. As a Aries is quite difficult to break, you can breathe a sigh of calmness by sharing your information with them!


A Libra is not only adept at keeping your secrets hidden, but also very helpful in getting you out of difficult situations. They will carry your secrets till the end of time. If you share your struggles with them, they will wholeheartedly support you by either attempting to resolve the issue or helping you let it go. Not only are those born under this sign wise keepers, but they are also very understanding in terms of friendships. You are lucky to have them in your life.

Libra will know when and how to dodge a question if they sense some danger of you being exposed. However their partner can never know, what is it they are hiding from them.


They are known to be a born secret keeper. Pisces also know when they are in need to keep and hide a secret to save themselves. They are very good at making stuff up whenever asked about what is it that makes them blush.

Their parents or friends can never know about who is that person they are secretly in love with?

You need to be having a detective like skills to find out what is it a Pisces is hiding. They are more likely to hide their heart and thoughts from their partner as they feel they will never be understood. But this is not the only fear that make them so secretive. It is also their fear of some one making fun of them.

They are very confidential and will never let anyone know what they are hiding and how they feel.

Zodiac signs that hide secrets the most : Aries, Libra , Pisces

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