Beauty hacks every girl MUST know to make life easier!

NIO Desk,

Do you spend countless hours trying to perfect your makeup, only to wind up overspending time and end up not satisfied?

Then this is the one for you! You can use a tonne of little tips, tricks, and hacks to make cosmetics come to your use and get you that much simpler look and guarantee that you always get the desired look.

 Here are five of our favourites that really do the trick!

The trick to get your eyes look bigger

You know how you usually sweep the mascara wand upwards when applying it? Here’s a quick trick to make your lashes appear fuller and bigger and your eyes appear a little big as they are without makeup: sweep it both up and sideways, in the direction of your nose!

How to get your eyeshadow color look on your face

You might have often have you attempted to apply eyeshadow that was bright but ended up looking awfully dull on the eyelids… Then this tip will be useful for you. Use a white kajal pencil on the eyelids after applying primer to make the colours stand out. To see the colours, apply eyeshadow to this layer.

How to get smooth and silky hair

Just for once do not use your your rough towels for this one; it’s very easy!

Even if you claim to use them gently, their fibres produce way too much friction, which leads to more split ends.

In particular, if you have textured, or curly hair, use a microfiber towel or some soft cotton cloth to dry your hair.

How to make that lipstick stay longer

This is a fantastic hack that really works and will work well if you have no time to get ready!

Simply use your preferred lipstick and follow it up with a tissue paper and gently tap with it.

 After adding a second, evenly thin layer, gently press a tissue against your lips. To set the pigments, lightly dust some translucent loose powder through the tissue.

How to easily apply lash glue

 If you enjoy wearing false lashes but it takes a lot of time to put on and remove, the glue is probably the cause.

There are far too many considerations to make; the application must be balanced, not too much or too little and must be measured with patience.

Use a bobby pin in place of the applicator tip to get around this!

Just use a tiny bit on the ball tip and distribute it all the way along the length of the lashes. It guarantees quicker and consistent application!

Beauty hacks every girl MUST know and make life easier!

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