Chimpanzee shares food with turtle video goes viral on twitter, twiterrati give funny reaction

NIO Desk, July 18

A video is trending on Twitter and is attracting attention of users with funny and sweet replies.

A user @buitengebieden shared a hilarious yet sweet video of two Chimpanzee sharing food with turtle. The two seem to have a beautiful evening, while there is a friendly music in the background.

The video has garnered around 5 million views on Twitter till now. In the video, a Chimpanzee is seen eating a fruit and while it takes a bite of the fruit, it shares it with the turtle. The two are taking turns to share and eat the fruit.

The video has garnered a lot of reactions from the users.

A user tweeted, “loved this video”.

Another user tweeted, “Animals can teach us so much, only if we pay attention”, “Sharing is caring.”

Another user shared, “ That is what mom taught, sharing is caring and it tastes better when you share,”

There are many lessons to be learned from animals, including, their capacity for empathy, and their simple act of sharing. Consider the chimp and tortoise as an illustration of how sharing can be learned by all. You can find some peace in a chaotic world by watching a video of two animals that are from entirely different species.