Cyber safety: Advocate Jagga urges use of NIC email ids only by all Government employees in Chandigarh                

Chandigarh, June 22

Advocate Ajay Jagga in a letter to Chandigarh Adviser Dharam Pal, has written regarding implementing email policy keeping in view Cyber safety.

He said, in view of the rising number of incidents of cyber crime and even cyber spying, it is suggested that in the Chandigarh Administration, an email policy be implemented, according to which all government employees/departments should use email ids of NIC and not of any other email service provider with the objective of ensuring secure access and usage of data.

Jagga said  that this appears to be need of the hour, as it is being clearly visible and even predicted that the cyber crimes will rise in future with easily-accessible internet. 

He said moreover, the challenges have grown many times in the field of data theft, malware attacks etc., as the  Home Minister, while addressing a conference on cyber safety and national security, has stated that as per cyber crime reporting portal, over 13 lakh complaints have been registered. 

He said, only the e-mail services provided by NIC, the Implementing Agency of the Government of India shall be used for official communications by all organizations except those exempted under clause no 14 of this policy. The e-mail services provided by other service providers shall not be used for any official communication, Jagga added. 

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