Operation of a challenging case beamed live from Cardiac Centre, PGIMER

 Chandigarh, June 22

Adding another glorious moment to its basket of achievements, the advanced cardiac centre at PGIMER, Chandigarh successfully relayed the live operation of a complex case of coronary angioplasty at the annual conference of the National Interventional Council of India held from 17th -19th June 2022 at Ahmedabad. The conference was attended by about 1500 interventional cardiologists from India and abroad.

This challenging case was performed by a team of experts from the Department of Cardiology, PGI under the supervision and guidance of Professor (Dr) Rajesh Vijayvergiya. Speaking about the case, Dr Vijayvergiya commented that this was the case of an elderly 78-year-old patient, who had undergone successful angioplasty for ongoing chest pain and discomfort.

 The peculiarity of the case was that he had high-grade, severe deposition of calcium in the coronary arteries, which required an advanced treatment in the form of rotablation and intravascular lithotripsy (IVL) along with intravascular imaging.

The combination therapy of rotabalation and IVL also termed “Rotatripsy” used in the case really helps to “drill and disrupt” the hard calcium deposits in the blocked coronary arteries. In the absence of such therapy, it is very difficult to treat such patients, shared Dr Vijayvergiya.

 During the live transmission of the case, it was extensively discussed among the members of the expert panellists and chairpersons about various possible treatment modalities used to treat such patients. Dr Vijayvergiya commented that PGIMER is one of the most prominent tertiary care institutes in India, demonstrating the live cardiology procedures at various national and international scientific meetings and helping the medical community learn about the advancement in the cardiology field, worldwide.

Operation of a challenging case beamed live from Cardiac Centre, PGIMER