Executive Committee Meeting of FOSWAC  held  


The Executive Committee Meeting of FOSWAC (Federation of Sectors Welfare Association Chandigarh) was held at “People Convention Centre” sector 36  Chandigarh on Sunday 31 st March 2024 under the chairmanship of Sh.  Baljinder Singh Bittu. It was attended overwhelmingly by sixty federating

members of RWAs.    The General secretary welcomed the participants. The newly elected Presidents Dr Cheema and   Amardeep Singh as President of RWAs sectors  34 and sector 39 respectively were congratulated.

Addressing the members Baljinder Singh Bittu Chairman FOSWAC raised the issue of Community Centres. He said “community centers are not for  community” Residents are not allowed to even enter the community centres  specially after their renovation, where crores of public money are spent. The

Municipal Corporation has converted these community centres into Marriage  Palaces. There are community rooms for Yoga, reading, Gymnasiums, Badminton courts etc. but residents are not allowed to use them. Earlier all  such facilities were available to the residents. In the name of Election Code

even the paid bookings are cancelled.

About the water tariff and free parking charges, he said that the Municipal Corporation and the Administration has imposed many Taxes on the residents  and they are required to pay more in the name of facilities. He wondered where  all such money collected as taxes are going. He welcomed the decision of the  Newly Elected Mayor for offering 20000 litters of free water supply to all the

residents. The Municipal Corporation can easily mange funds for giving free water facility to the residents. Regarding the Free Parking in Markets, The Municipal Corporation can generate more funds by offering some spaces for advertisement in those Parking’s. even the scandals by Parking Contractors in connivance with officials, as we have seen a few months back, can be avoided.

It is the foremost duty of the Government to give facilities to the people. Water

is a necessity; it can be given free of cost by managing the overall funds

collected from the residents. Mr. Sibia President of RWA Sector 35 said, digging roads for laying

underground internet cables has become nuisance for the residents. Neithe administration nor contractor s are doing this work properly, leaving half done

everywhere. They are escaping accountability and the residents are suffering.

Non-Payment of subsidy on installation of Solar Panels at roof tops: R.S. Gill,

President RWA Sector 8 said that The administration has not been paying

‘promised subsidy’ from the last more than three years. The fixed charges are

also enhanced and being billed in every bill which were not imposed earlier.

Management of Pet dogs in the parks: