Eye colour and personality connection; what does eye colour reflect about your personality?

NIO Desk, July 26

Eye colour and personality connection; what does eye colour reflect about your personality?

The dominance of brown eyes over all other eye colours was once thought all over the world. Although brown eyes are the most prevalent, eye genetics have proven to be more nuanced than that. Actually, a child’s eye colour cannot be inferred solely from the parents’ and grandparents’ eyes.

We also now know that a child with brown eyes can be born to two blue-eyed parents.

According to science, the only thing your eye colour actually reveals about you is how much melanin you have in your iris. Your eyes will be darker the more pigment there is. Thus, blue eyes have even less melanin than green eyes, which have less than brown eyes.

One of the most noticeable features on our faces are our eyes. You are more likely to remember someone if they have distinctive eye colour, such as striking blue eyes or a distinct green shade or even a beautiful shade of brown. As a result, there are now perceptions in our culture about abilities and personality traits based on eye colour.

Following below you will find what some surveys and studies reveal about the connection of eye color and personality traits.

Brown Eyes

People with brown eyes, which make up about 80% of the population, are regarded as being more dependable and outgoing. Although most people are honest, if you have brown eyes, you might come across as more trustworthy if they have this pigment or eye color. People with brown eyes are normally into creative fields and have love for music with indie music as their taste. Most might like light shaded colours and summers.

 Blue eyes

Blue eyes as suggests like the colour of ocean, they tend to have a deep personality. Music industry have always fantasized the people with blue eyes with many songs made on the colour of their eyes. They are very romantic and trustworthy. They have an emotional side that they do not like to reveal much to the world.

Green eyes

People with green eyes, one of the least common eye colours, are frequently perceived as mysterious, attractive and intellectual.

It’s not just the pigment in the eyes that gives them their green hue; it’s also how the light reflects off of it. People with green (or even hazel) eyes frequently claim that their “eye colour changes” because of this. People with green eyes mean they have more alertness and are more into exploring new things as they have curious nature.

However these personality traits might not be true for all.

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