Viral video: worker struggles to pull a loaded cart on inclined road, father of two helps

NIO Desk, July 26

A heart touching video of a father of two children giving a worker a helping hand has gone viral on social media.

You must have seen people struggling with various issues while walking the streets on numerous occasions. But not everyone stops by to lend a helping hand to someone on in need.

 People must have typically observed people struggling and did not pay much attention to it. But this man, who was out with his daughters, noticed the worker who was in trouble and approached to assist him.

IAS officer Awanish Sharan posted the video on his Twitter. More than a 1 lakh people have viewed it.

In the now-viral video, the man is seen with his two daughters walking along the sidewalk when he notices a man on the street struggling to pull a loaded handcart up an incline. In an effort to make it easier for the worker to pull the handcart up the street, the father hurried to assist him.

IAS officer Awanish Sharan shared the video with this caption, “If we help each other a little in life, life will be easier for everyone.”

Netizens completely agreed to the message and shared reactions to the now viral-video. People expressed their happiness over the video and said that the world needs more people like him. “What a realistic example this Dad set for his children,” a user wrote.

Another user wrote, “Inspirational, everyone should learn from it.”

Image from: Twitter

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