Man ties a necktie in 10 seconds in viral video, netizens surprised

NIO Desk, July 20   

(Photo caption – man ties knot of tie in 10 seconds)

Many people would remember their struggle with how to knot a perfect tie while they used to get ready for school. There are still many people in the world who do not know how to tie a knot of a tie.

In the world, many would agree that there are two types of people. One who knows how to knot a tie, while the other is not perfect in it. Some people can tie a variety of knots, while others are completely clueless about the complicated process.

Now,  a video that has become wildly popular online demonstrates a “easy” trick to knot a tie in a matter of seconds. The video has received over 9 million views and sparked a range of responses from online users. People are reacting that it made it easy for them as they did are surprised by the reaction of the process.

Mirex Mosez tweeted about the now-viral video. In the brief video, a man can be seen tying a tie neatly by wrapping it around his hand three times. With two different ties, he demonstrated the “easy” hack and quickly knotted them both. In the video, a timer can also be seen in the upper right corner.

“I never knew knotting a tie was this easy,” reads the caption of the post.

The popular video gained a range of responses from online users. While some people believed the hack to be extremely helpful, others weren’t as convinced and claimed it is still challenging. Even listing the different kinds of knots they are familiar with, some users even asserted that tying a knot is not that difficult.

“Where was this video when I was in secondary school?” a user wrote.

A user remarked, “I understand perfectly well that there’s a generation that wants their sartorial tastes to match their fast food, but tying a proper knot is a basic skill that every man should learn,”

Another user commented, “Looks easy but I have tried it and it’s not working.”
Video by – @Mirexshotz

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