Viral Video: Woman crosses railway track just seconds before train arrive

NIO Desk, July 20

A social media video that has gone viral depicts a dangerous action by some passengers who were crossing the track.

 Just before a train on another track arrives, it depicts a woman and other passengers crossing the rail tracks, escaping the danger of being hit. There was no nearby railway platform, and the train appeared on the track out without a warning.

But in addition to the woman and her family, a number of other people also made the decision to exit the train and tried to cross the track. IAS officer Awanish Sharan shared the video along with a wise advice that is very much needed.

This risky stunt could have resulted in an accident due to carelessness of passengers. Over a lakh people have liked the video since it was shared on Twitter.

A woman was seen exiting a train that wasn’t standing at any platform in the now-viral video. It was located in a remote area. Not only her, but she was accompanied by a few other people, including an elderly woman, and everyone else did the same.

They were alerted to an approaching train by the person who was filming the incident, which caused them to become terrified and escape the track. There was complete chaos as they began tossing luggage to the opposite side of the track. You’ll see if you closely watch the video that any one of the passengers could have encountered an accident in this situation, but fortunately they escaped without harm.

Internet users did not support this kind of careless behaviour.

The risky stunt could have resulted in a fatal accident, many said.

One user commented, “Sir why we r[sic] always in a hurry to win the race or reach our destiny but this may create shivers if anything goes wrong in hurry”,

Another user commented, “ why do people take risks and that too with children”