PGI organises organ donation Awareness Campaign “Be an Organ Donor; Be a Hero”

PGI organises organ donation Awareness Campaign “Be an Organ Donor; Be a Hero”

Chandigarh, June 11

The awareness campaign on organ donation was organized by ROTTO PGIMER at Kasauli club with an intent to generate awareness on organ donation and save precious lives.  People were made aware on organ donation to save precious lives otherwise lost due to shortage of transplantable organs.

The programme garnered good traction with 48 club members pledging for organ donation but also inviting ROTTO PGIMER   to their units to sensitize their units as well.

 The campaign was a part of the ongoing kasauli week organised to mark the celebrations of 125 years of Kasauli club.

Leveraging the huge footfall at the Kasauli Club, ROTTO PGIMER team engaged with the club members through one-on-one interaction, demystifying their myths about the cause and disseminating information.

Talking about the intent behind promoting the noble cause during the kasauli club celebrations Col SS Sidhu Secretary Kasauli club said “The basic ideology of kasauli club is to promote compassion and  humanitarian spirit and nothing can instill a better feeling of love for humanity than being instrumental in saving someone’s life. Organ Donation is an altruistic cause and we must contribute wholeheartedly towards creating an enabling environment for voluntary organ donation.”

Complimenting the organisation, the Kasauli Club Limited offer their support to ROTTO PGIMER in taking forward the noble mandate, and encouraged by the success of the initiative, Professor Vipin Koushal, Nodal Officer, ROTTO PGIMER stated,” Awareness generation is a first step towards that attitudinal change. So, tapping the opportunities like this one helps connecting with the community and disseminating this information subtly by making it perceived as a ‘normal thing’.”

The cause was able to garner enough traction among the visitors with many worth mentioning moments at Organ Donation Stall. Most of the members who pledged for organ donation shared the similar thoughts as they stated that they had been thinking about pledging for organ donation since long but did not know ‘where ‘and ‘how’ to pledge for the same.

  “Something so good has come out of our visit to Kasauli Club. At least this way, we will be able to save some lives, which will never be possible otherwise.” This was the common sentiment across the visitors as they were being handed over their organ donor pledge cards

The maximum queries posed to the counselors at ROTTO PGIMER stall pertained to ethical practices, expenses involved, difference between organ and body donation and the process of transplantation etc.

The campaign concluded on a positive note with many officers inviting ROTTO PGIMER to come to their units and sensitize army men regarding the noble cause of organ donation