Shalby Hospital launches robotic knee replacement surgery

Chandigarh, July 30 :

Shalby Hospital Mohali on Saturday announced the launch of robotic knee replacement surgery in association with Anhad Robotics, Ludhiana.
Addressing a press conference here today Dr. Gagandeep Gupta, ortho & joint replacement surgeon at Shalby Hospital said, ”Robot-assisted knee replacement surgery is a new innovation, which has brought sea changes in the orthopaedics field. It rules out any human errors and apprehensions over any harm or fault in functioning of robotic equipment are proved to be wrong.”

He further said that the robotic system is designed to help the surgeon not only plan the surgery based on a patient’s unique anatomy, but also position the total knee implant using a combination of computer and robotic assistance. It allows the surgeon to collect patient-specific data during the procedure to build a 3D model of the patient’s knee to help plan the surgery. During the procedure, a handheld robotics assisted tool is used to position the specific cut guides exactly as intended, based on the patient-model, said Dr. Gupta.

Dr Ashish Singh Passi, ortho surgeon at Anhad Robotics said that robotic knee replacement surgery is an evolution and a boon for the people who are suffering from knee problems. It has brought new innovation and stimulated the growth of orthopaedics field. The surgeons can effectively operate with least chances of errors. It has surpassed other methodologies and is continuing doing so, he pointed out .

Talking about advantages of robotic surgery, Dr Passi said that with minimal blood loss, the patient can get back to normal life fast. There is no damage to the bones as it only targets the bones which need treatment and the reliability rate is very high.

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