Unique: Birthday of “Amaltas” Tree Celebrated

Chandigarh, July 27

 ‘Amaltas’(Cassia fistula) tree, was planted on July 27th, 2018 near Palm Garden, sector 14, Panjab University, Chandigarh, by Prof. M. C. Sidhu. This plant has now grown to the height of more than 20 feet.

This tree bears beautiful foliage (yellow flowers) during early summer and late spring. Today July 27th, 2022, it’s the 4th birthday of this ornamental tree. The purpose of celebrating its birthday every year is to remain in touch with this tree. It reminds me to take care of its growth, health and nutrition, he said. 

According to Prof. Sidhu, only the plantation drives will not serve the purpose until these will be followed up on regular basis. In the recent past, during Covid-19 people realized the importance of oxygen which is provided to us by the trees without any cost.

When trees are taking care of human being, then it becomes our duty and responsibility to grow more and more trees and also to monitor them regularly.

Besides oxygen, trees also accommodate variety of other life forms. Trees provide shelter to birds where they make their nests. Trees growing in the gardens, parks and along the roadsides provide shade, clean air and attractive surroundings. Trees are an integral part of the natural biodiversity. Let’s save trees for clean, green and healthy future.

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