Psychological tips to persuade someone to agree with you

NIO Desk, July 27

People often wonder about ways to make someone agree to them. Here are some Psychological tips to persuade someone to agree with you. Personality development tricks you can follow and come as more likeable person in the room.

When we meet someone, we want to make a great impression on them and we want them to think high of us. People have always wondered what they can do to achieve this goal, whether they are meeting a client, going to a job interview, meeting someone for the first time or even persuading parents to allow them to go on a picnic school trip.

Although, it is difficult to make someone agree with us, however here are some psychological tips you can use to make a positive impact on someone you meet next time.

  1. If you want a person to like you-  If you want that the other person is impressed by you then you have to keep this personality trick in mind. To make someone like you,  then it is important that you copy the body language of the person a little bit. You should take time to observe the body language of the person and keep in mind that you imitate the body language after some time, not at the same time.

You should keep in mind that if the person has crossed his legs, you should also make sure to cross your legs after 40-50 seconds of them doing it.

  • As per a study by Harvard University, it was found that people who say because to their sentences add much more credibility and the chances of them agreeing to you increases. People feel empathetic to the word ‘because’, that is something you should keep in mind.
  • Try remembering people’s name when you talk and participate in a conversation. People usually forget names of the people they first met and hence, it looks weird to carry on the conversation without knowing their names. You should repeat the information in your head and try using their names in conversation again and again. People love to hear their names being called in a conversation subconsciously.
  • If you want other person to criticize you less if you are participating in a open debate or meeting, you should sit next to the person who is criticizing you. By doing so the person who is not agreeing to your terms and arguments will feel uncomfortable while saying things.
  • Wear dark color clothes to have an impact- if you wear blue or red color shirt in a meeting, chances of you being liked by other people increases due to the dark shade of color clothes you are wearing. It subconsciously make you look more likeable and agreeable.

These are some psychological tips and tricks you can use to make someone like you and increase the chances of people agreeing to you.  

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