Viral video- ‘When a simple Appam takes an art form’ reads the caption as man gives various shapes to appam

NIO Desk, July 31

Appam dish is one of the top favourites among south Indians for breakfast. In fact, only a very few people could say no to the tender, fluffy “pancake” that is made from a fermented batter made of rice flour and coconut milk and goes well with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries.

A chef has recently gained popularity for his abilities to create Appams in a variety of shapes, earning praise from business tycoon and chairman of RPG Enterprises- Harsh Goenka. The chef can be seen quickly swirling the pan to create appams in a variety of shapes, including butterflies, flowers, and hearts.

One can see the various shapes in which he has been able to make the appams as soon as the video starts. In the now viral video, the camera then proceeds to show a zoomed in clip and shows him pouring the batter into the pan and gently creating different shapes and creates the unusual shapes.

More than 21,800 people have watched the video on Twitter so far, and they are in awe of the man’s ability and prowess with the batter and pan.

One user commented, “Amazing, he is doing with great skill”

Another user commented, “That is simply superb. He is so perfectly skilled”

Photo – @ hvgoenka/Twitter

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