Yellow color psychology: Yellow color effect on your mood

NIO Desk, July 31

In this article we are going to tell you about Yellow color psychology and how Yellow color effect your mood.

Yellow Color Psychology:

Yellow is one of the warm colours on the colour spectrum, which are known to make us feel the feelings of vitality, joy, and optimism. We  certainly reached for the yellow crayon when we began our drawings when we were kids, according to color specialists and psychologists. Colors and emotions have a complex relationship in daily life. We can feel calm, happy, sad, depressed, gloomy, hungry, etc. from the colors on our walls, furniture, cars, bags, and clothing. The psychological effects of colors on  behaviour must be researched and it has been.

Meaning of Color psychology

Color psychology is the study of colors with the goal of determining how various hues affect people psychologically and behaviorally. The purpose of the study is to determine which colours elicit which feelings and emotional response in people. The study of colours and how they influence us in daily life has been greatly done by Carl Jung. Numerous industries, including branding, advertising, and marketing, use colour psychology extensively.  Different colours in their product packaging use variety of colours very carefully because these colours are found to be helpful in increasing appetite. Each colour has a different effect on people and stimulates different responses.

According to international colour expert Leatrice Eiseman’s book, “Color: Messages and Meanings,” yellow is the colour with the greatest psychological impact. She adds that since the 19th century, yellow ribbons have been used to symbolise hope and optimism. According to Eiseman, the colour yellow symbolises friendliness, openness, vivacity, and joy. Yellow has been found to elicit a lighthearted, joyful, comedic mood.

Yellow colour positively changes our mood and we feel happy when we see it or use it in our daily lives.

Positive effects of yellow color

Sunshine, laughter, happiness, and energy are all connected to the color yellow. Yellow is known to evoke impulsive and joyful feelings in people. Any dull or dark surface can be brightened up with a splash of yellow to make one feel upbeat and optimistic. It has been discovered that yellow objects occasionally stimulate our brains to produce fresh ideas.

Benefits of yellow color

Why yellow is used for smileys or emoticons? It’s because the colour yellow encourages the release of serotonin, a chemical that boosts happiness and acts as a mood stabiliser in the brain. According to studies, yellow stimulates your brain and improves concentration. According to studies on colour psychology, the left brain, which controls rational thought and analytical ability, is also more active when the colour yellow is present.

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