What can you expect in ‘First in India’ Seating system for Vande Bharat to be rolled out by Tata Steel?

Delhi, August 1

According to a senior official, Tata Group is preparing to introduce the “First in India” seating system for Vande Bharat Express trains starting in September 2022 and plans to spend Rs 3,000 crore on R&D by FY26.

By 2030, the steel-to-salt conglomerate hopes to rank among the top 5 technology firms worldwide in the steel sector.

 Rs 145 crore bulk order for seating systems of the Vande Bharat express went to Tata Steel’s Composites division and that includes the supply of complete seating systems for 22 train sets, with 16 coaches in each train set.

Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) will be used in the seats because of its increased corrosion resistance and low maintenance requirements. Additionally, it will meet the European standard for fire-retardant construction and improved passenger safety and comfort.

The second-fastest train in India, the Vande Bharat Express, also known as Train 18, travels at a 130 km/hr top speed.

What you can expect in ‘First In India’ for Vande Bharat Express is that these seats are specially designed, can rotate 180 degrees, and have amenities similar to those found in aeroplanes.

This is a first-in-India supply that will be carried out over a 12-month period beginning in September 2022.

The facility will produce sandwich panels with an aluminium honeycomb core that will primarily be used for rail and metro coaches.

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