Mother Gorilla shows off baby to visitors at zoo. People say ‘so cute’ in viral video

NIO Desk, July 29

Babies are adorable. Aren’t they? And every parent takes pride in their child. Looks like animals are no exception to this as a new now-viral video is making people love this cute Gorilla showing off its baby to the visitors at the zoo.

On social media, a video of a gorilla proudly showing her young baby to zoogoers has gone viral. The Calgary Zoo in Canada was the location where this video was taken. On July 29, it was posted on Viral Hog’s Instagram account. The video is too adorable to miss, and it has received over 98,000 views.

In the video, a mother gorilla proudly displays her young to visitors of the zoo. Everyone who was watching them was surprised because they simply couldn’t believe it.

“A proud mama shows off her baby at the Calgary Zoo,” the video caption reads.

While one section of the netizens loved the video, some believed animals should not be put in a cage.

One user commented, “let them live in the wild”

While another user commented under the Instagram post saying, “reminds of nurses with the newborns”

The mother gorilla shows off her baby to the people who were recording the video and after that gave a kiss to her baby gorilla.

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